Hook & Jill: Neverland as never before - Andrea Jones

A New Take on Peter Pan

Hook & Jill Book CoverBy Amy Hauck Nelson, Citizen Reviewer
The Bismarck Tribune
Friday, October 2, 2009

Title: Hook & Jill
Author: Andrea Jones

"Peter Pan? Really?"

That's what I thought as I checked out the cover of Hook & Jill - a novel by Andrea Jones. Billed as a retelling of the classic story, this book will be quite the surprise to anyone expectant of a fanciful, Disney-esque storyline.

In the beginning, I did have some trouble casting aside my expectations of where the story should lead me, understandable given that Peter Pan is such a well-known story. But the writing is very good, and soon I found myself drawn into all the possibilities this tale has to offer.

What if Peter Pan isn't as wonderful as he seems to be? What if Hook was more alluring and less bumbling? What if Wendy wants to grow up? As the new possibilities run parallel to the familiar aspects of the original story, I was pulled into the might-have-beens and able to let go of my expectations for the story.

Andrea Jones is a masterful storyteller, weaving a compelling tale of murder, intrigue and romance. However, just when the story seems about to suck you in and let the story lead you, the book takes some unexpected turns.

The writing is superb, making you want to believe in the story, but many may think Jones has gone too far with their treasured childhood friends.
You will be shocked. You will be thrilled. You also may cringe, trying to reconcile the thought of Wendy making out with Captain Hook.

Whatever the outcome, you will be entertained.

(Amy Hauck Nelson is an avid reader and a proud mother of five.)


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