Hook & Jill: Neverland as never before - Andrea Jones

Neverland as you never imagined…Again!

Hook & Jill by Andrea JonesChicago, IL– Once-upon-a-time sets sail from Neverbay as the Jolly Roger heads for the
open waters of Other Oceans (Reginetta Press August 2012). Andrea Jones has woven
another colorful yarn from the pattern of Peter Pan. Other Oceans furthers the pirate Red-Handed Jill, once Wendy, who is compelling, provocative and dishonestly honest. It delves deeper into the character of Captain Hook, Neverland’s iconic villain.

An unabashed study in loyalty, this epic tale is vibrant with the dynamics of power. From the pen of a masterful crafter, Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga delivers all the
exhilaration that a clash of wills, hearts, and fortune can arouse.

Ten days out of Neverbay, Hook and Jill capture a ship’s surgeon, pressing him to join
the Roger. But Doctor Hanover is a gentleman, with a daughter to defend. When Red-
Handed Jill shows him favor, his heart is taken prisoner, too. Hanover contrives to deliver Jill from the pirate king, and redeem her to society…as his wife.

But Captain Hook is impossible to escape. Other rivals contend for Jill’s red hand, and
Hook fights for supremacy with his skill and brilliance. When the doctor’s daughter
draws Hook’s eye, she emulates Jill, using feminine weapons to charm him.

With no word of farewell, Hook vanishes, and Jill is a queen without a king. To hold
Hook’s power, she must come to terms with each of the dangerous men in her domain.
When a challenger seizes command of the Roger— and over Jill— Hook and Jill’s
dominion will be overthrown unless, as Hook has taught Jill to do, she can identify the
weapon…and wield it wickedly.

Prepare for the tides to turn as this story rocks in a storm of tension and drama the likes
of which Neverland has never known.

About the Author ~

Andrea Jones is author of the award winning novel, Hook & Jill. She graduated from the
University of Illinois, studying Oral Interpretation of Literature, with a Literature minor.
As a television production professional, she worked for CBS and PBS affiliates, and for
corporate studios. Jones is known around the world as Capitana Red-Hand of the web-based
pirate brotherhood, Under the Black Flag.

Learn more at www.HookandJill.com. Readers may come aboard with Jones’ buccaneers
at Facebook.com/HookJill and Under the Black Flag at Facebook.com/UnderBlackFlag.


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