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Robin Hood the Outlaw Tales of Robin Hood, Book Two by Alexandre Dumas

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Robin Hood the Outlaw

Tales of Robin Hood

Book Two

by Alexandre Dumas

Published: 2020

ISBN 13: 9798605843283

ISBN 13 Ingram: 978-0-9823714-7-3

Binding: Trade Paper

Size: 205 pages, 5.5 x 8.5"

Ho for the good green wood!

Ho for brave Robin Hood!

The adventures that flowed from the pen of Alexandre Dumas are well known. Less known today are his tales of Robin Hood. It is our pleasure to provide these two old works to a new public: readers of the 21st Century. English versions of The Prince of Thieves and Robin Hood the Outlaw have virtually disappeared from bookshelves; they are now edited, corrected, and made accessible to the world in print and e-formats, by the Reginetta Press.

This volume continues the story begun in The Prince of Thieves. Read more of Robin and Marian's romance, and learn of Robin's unlucky betrayal by a woman; of Robin's valiant leadership of the Merrie Men including Little John, Will Scarlett, and Friar Tuck; their battles against the Sheriff of Nottingham ─ and the craven Prince John. Outwitting crafty ecclesiastics along the way, Robin at last bows to King Richard Coeur-de-Lion.

Retold in Alfred Allinson’s lush translation from the original French, the hero’s adventure continues to a stirring conclusion.


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